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CIPRA Slovenija, drušštvo za varstvo Alp

Fire in the Alps 2022: Wastewater in the mountains – a threat to (drinking) water resources

Veranstalter: CIPRA Slovenija, drušštvo za varstvo Alp

Thematik: Mountains are a fragile ecosystem and any introduction of foreign substances, especially those that are hazardous to health, should be kept to a minimum. The same applies to waste water: whatever the quantity, waste water in the mountains must be managed in accordance with the law and with zero impact on the environment and on nature.

Dvojno jezero in the Triglav Lakes Valley is the story of an environmental issue happening at the heart of our only national park. The lake’s natural ecosystem has been disrupted by the introduction of nutrients and allochthonous fish, which is most evident in the summer months when algae blooms on the lake surface. 

This year’s bonfire will once again draw attention to the unsustainable wastewater situation in the mountains. We will light the flame again at the Dvojno jezero. As part of the event, we will also have a working action to remove algae on the surface of the Dvojno jezero.

Kontaktperson: Katarina Žemlja (

Ort: Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih

Treffpunkt: Planina Blato

Zeit: At 4PM on Friday, 12. August